Your all-time top 5!

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So let's have it - your personal, all-time top 5 games, in no particular; any platform, any era - what are the games that defined your gaming history, and why?

In no particular order:

  1. Street Fighter 2 (SNES) - For me, SF2 is memorable not so much because of the game (although it was clearly outstanding), but it was the first time an arcade game had been ported so perfectly to a home console (the Neo Geo AES doesn't count), and it felt like the future had kicked me right in the balls. SF3 might have been the pinnacle of the series, but SF2 will always have my heart.
  2. Dragon Force (Saturn) - Unique real-time strategy gameplay mixed with a grand anime-styled fantasy storyline; the tale of one general and a handful of soldiers uniting a continent to save the world from an age-old evil remains probably my fondest gaming memory as a teen. I'd always liked the idea of strategy games but found them too dry or too much about resource management - Dragon Force was the first strategy game I played that came with exactly age right combination of complexity, pizzaz and insane anime special moves. Sadly, this one has never seen a remake on a modern console outside of Japan.
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (SNES) - The absolute pinnacle of the scrolling beat'em-up genre, and another near-perfect arcade port (lack of a 4-player mode aside), I still play this one on a regular basis. Just pure, perfectly balanced, fun. Great soundtrack too.
  4. Secret of Mana (SNES)- my favourite RPG of all time. Amazing story, full of action, and as much as I loved stuff like Link to the Past, this just blew it away. Such an epic story, a great soundtrack. You'll have to pry my Dragon Buster out of my cold, dead hands. Not sure how I feel about the upcoming 3D remake.....
  5. No More Heroes (Wii) - I know this is a bit recent, but the games absolutely screams 'retro' at every turn. The insanely violent journey of Travis Touchdown to become the No.1 Assassin is inventive, action-packed, funny, amazingly crude and incredibly memorable. The Wii sequel wasn't as much fun, but I have high hopes for Travis' return in the upcoming 2nd sequel for the Switch.
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  • Awesome post enjoyed reading it this morning, I will do mine, although damn only 5, that's a tough one.
  • Backtogeek wrote: »
    only 5, that's a tough one.

    I know, I could easily have done 10-15 without having to think about it.
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    I will have a tough time as well. Final Fantasy will definately be in there though.
  • 8-Eyes for Classic NES. It wasn't just a pile of shit shovelware. _Really._
  • I have been thinking about this in the back of my head constantly, I think I have it narrowed down to about the top 20.
  • I'm regretting the 5 game limit.

    Sin & Punishment, how could I forget you!

    Then again, what would I take out!
  • Well that's annoying as fuck, got to number 3, been a long edit, pouring my heart and soul in to it, and my stupid broken hand hit a function button on the mouse which went back, the draft was not saved.

  • Ok so this is the second time I am writing this because the first one I accidentally deleted.

    Picking a top 5 was ridiculously hard for me, I have not picked it based on what is necessarily the BEST games but the ones with the biggest impact and best memories attached.

    1. Street Fighter 2 - SNES


    For me this holds the best memories, I spent a HUGE amount of time playing it, it really was for me at least the first of its kind.

    It holds particularly fond memories for me as this was what I used to spend the most money on at the arcade when i was first allowed to get the bus 8 or so miles down the coast to the Spanish city amusement arcade in Whitley bay, most weekends I and my friends would get the 308 bus down the coast to play this and so often spend our bus fair home and have to walk.

    When it was released on the SNES near Christmas time that was what I knew I was getting for Christmas, my less than athletic freind who lived around 1000 meters down the road already had a SNES but did not have SF2, one day after probably a horrible tirade of begging my parents caved in and let me open it a week early (school holidays).

    I called my less than athletic best friend and told him the great news, he literally screamed some gibberish down the phone and hung up in excitement, I shit you not, he was at my door with his controller in hand in 30 seconds flat, he could have won an Olympic medal that day, I remember looking out the bay window of the house down the street and seeing him FLYING down the road hahaha.

    It was a PERFECT conversion from the arcade and he did not leave for 2 days until my parents made him go home at the request of his mother, he died of some health issues before he got to 30 sadly so this one is always going to be number 1 in terms of memories and enjoyment, it was like having an arcade at home, pre-internet days, this was a big deal.

    2. populous - Amiga


    This game was the first one I bought for the Amiga, I hated it when I first got it but because it was the first game I bought for my Amiga using boots vouchers I got for Christmas, I was just mesmerized by the box iirc.

    Well over time I never stopped playing it after forcing myself and I got really good at it, I would spend hours and hours playing it and I got through a ridiculous amount of levels.

    It really stands out because the friend who I mentioned in the SF2 write up called me one day to say his brother had made a serial cable, I had no idea what that meant at the time, but he literally had made one, it was a janky mess of a thing but as long as you did not touch it, it worked, he explained that I needed to bring my amiga over for 2 player populous, I could not even believe my ears, so faster than you can say hold my beer my Amiga was taken apart and I ran down the street about 3 times with my amiga + bits, a TV and a table to put it on.

    I did not leave his house for days, that is all we did and cared about, amazing memories.

    3. Syndicate - Amiga


    For the time the intro graphics were astonishing, the game itself was pretty unique at the time, really well thought out and gave a real sense of achievement and created a craving to keep going, I don't know what else to say about this one but I would recomend it to anyone even today, the gameplay is just first class the stories and missions are brilliant.

    4. Double Dragon - Arcade


    Because so few systems managed to truly capture the game in the conversions the arcade will always be my favorite version, me and my friend once played this as the local fair for over an hour on just 20p each and we ended up with a crowd of people behind us.

    Similar style of game to things like golden axe albeit a bit more simple but again for me at least one of the first of its kind, loved it.

    Once when in france on holiday with my parents I put 10 francs in to a french DD arcade at a run down hell hole on the way to where we were staying and I had been on for 45 minutes straight when they had to force me to leave, never understood why until recently when they reminded me of this, the 'locals' were massing around me to watch me play, they could not belive this little british kid was just not geting hit in the game and it was causing quite a stir, my parents were getting nervous haha.

    5. Skool Daze - C64


    I played the living shit out of this and still do from time to time, I have never managed to complete it, the reason I love it so much is it was the first game for me (I know how stupid this sounds in 2018) that was like an open world, you could do what you wanted despite having a specific talk to do, he game still progressed even if you did not, it was FULL of easter eggs, a PC remake is available free, i will dig it out and link it, well worth a play, getting your mates in trouble, shooting your teachers with a catapult, writing on the blackboards haha.

    The premise was to get the password from the teachers safe so you could alter your exam results or stop a letter going to your parents or something like that, because so many people I knew played it so much it just really stands out.

    So there you go, the next thread has to be a quickfire top 10 (or more) or my brain may explode from having to not mention a TON of VERY good games!
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  • Some great choices - I remember the buzz going on around Syndicate at school in my early teens. It needed a mighty 486 to play properly and my 386 was not up to the task so I ended up with the neutered SNES version which was a pale imitation.

    Double Dragon is an interesting one, it’s definitely still a blast to play (I re-bought for about the eighth time on the Switch last week), and it is THE game always remembers of the genre (and to be honest, arcades in the late 80’s). It’s probably not the best example of the genre (*cough TMNT 4 cough*) but nearly everyone has their own DD story to tell. Also the music....I get chills every time I hear the title screen theme.

    Also, a horrible admission; I’ve never played Populous :-0
  • If you were ever going to play populous now for the first time I would strongly suggest going straight to populous 2, it was better put together, looked great, it had much more early draw/pull and was themed around the Olympian gods.

    Sadly its a great way to kill 500 hours of your life in the blink of an eye.
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  • Anyone else have a top 5 to share?
  • Anyone else have a top 5 to share?

    I can but need to find the time to write it up and source some pics. Gist is
    • Bards Tale (Spectrum, then Amiga)
    • Championship Manager (Amiga)
    • Baldur's Gate + ToSC (PC)
    • Tie Fighter (PC)
    • unsure: Red Dead Redemption / Tomb Raider (the original) / Splinter Cell / a couple of others
  • 1. Final Fantasy the original.

    2. Double Dragon the original.

    3. Astroids on atari.

    4. Defender on atari.

    5. Star Wars arcade game.
  • tarasis wrote: »
    Championship Manager (Amiga)

    Whilst I still love CM/FM, the glory days were the Amiga years, when the team hadn’t gone all out to ensure absolute realism.

    My fondest memory was a season in CM Italia, when I played a 3-3-3-sweeper formation with no wingers, wide midfielders or full backs. Batistuta scored 145 goals with Vieri and Cantona in the high 50’s each. I didn’t know what to do with Baiano without wingers so I played him at sweeper and he scored about 25. Goal difference was + 270-something.

    With the latest games I’m ecstatic if I can manage to avoid a relegation scrap.

  • Whilst I still love CM/FM, the glory days were the Amiga years, when the team hadn’t gone all out to ensure absolute realism.

    Exactly! I spent many an afternoon / evening playing local co-op with some friends. 3-4 of us sitting around the Amiga playing a few matches. The game had just enough depth to it that you could easily wrap your head around it and still feel you have choice.

    The later years, and particularly since its become Football Manager, for me its just far to complex / in depth to just have a bit of fun.
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    tarasis wrote: »

    Whilst I still love CM/FM, the glory days were the Amiga years, when the team hadn’t gone all out to ensure absolute realism.

    Exactly! I spent many an afternoon / evening playing local co-op with some friends. 3-4 of us sitting around the Amiga playing a few matches. The game had just enough depth to it that you could easily wrap your head around it and still feel you have choice.

    The later years, and particularly since its become Football Manager, for me its just far to complex / in depth to just have a bit of fun.

    I remember CM, not that I was ever a big football nut but I enjoyed the game, I just used to cheese it, start a 2 player game, use blackburn because they had shitloads of money buy shit players for a fortune to get the money to the other player, quit blackburn and get some 3rd division crap team millions to spend and off you went :)

    Something like that, it was a while ago.
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