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    Law of the West. Wasn't this the screenshot from it?


    What 90s PC game is this artwork for?
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    Damn, don't recognize that at all, best guess would be some sort of take on Battle Chess?

    Edit: just me or is the text/font much easier on the eye than LET?
  • indenting test
  • I prefer this font. It is a Chess game, by Spectrum Holobyte.
  • JmUbz9e.png
    Spent so much money on this at the arcade!
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    That's a one's a bit obvious....

    This is my all-time favourite coin-op:

  • I cant remember if that is streets of rage or final fight? (I think final fight)
  • Guess again (it was neither of those)
  • Oh really, hmm, well it's not double dragon, I love those sorts of games, Shadow Warrior on the amiga was one of my favorites.
  • Scrolling brawlers are my second favourite genre, only just behind shoot'em ups.

    Sadly, both genres that more or less died out with the advent of 3D gaming.
  • See the game in all it's glory here:

  • Indeed, I have to admit that over a period of a few years I probably pumped about £200 in to tekken 2
  • heh, I honestly don't think I have ever seen that one, maybe it never made its way to north east England.
  • I remember shoving 10p's into one on Southend seafront as youngster, never recall seeing one anyone else, but we never went any further up the country than Wales.

    For years I thought it was only me who remembered it so fondly, but it actually got a call out in the original Ready Player One novel.
  • This one blew me away as a kid, it was so different:

  • Stuff like that was magical back in the day. There was something very similar by with a Wild West theme - I can't remember the name.

    My 'oh shit' moment in the arcades was probably the first time I saw Dragon's Lair running. Shame it was actually complete shite.
  • Hahaha. I almost followed up with Dragon's Lair. That was mesmerizing, especially in the days of chunky sprites.
  • Time Traveler was the cowboy thats what is in that video :)
    Bits from 1WSS
  • Ffs all we had was centipede, space invaders, astroids. Then the bowling alley that had them is now a freaken Family Dollar.
  • 18aPGXu.jpg

    I broke a few joysticks on this one, C64 pictured, was also out on the CPC464 and speccy too iirc
  • Is that Rock N’ Wrestle?
    Bits from 1Backtogeek
  • Is that Rock N’ Wrestle?


    I see I need to edit the css a bit more to space out the 'Bits' and perhaps lower the size of it.
  • First Amiga game I ever bought with 'boots' vouchers I got for Christmas (for Americans boots is like wallgreens and Europeans its basically a giant pharmacy)

    Boots was the place to go for premium games releases back in the early 90's haha

  • Looks like Populous or Populous 2.

    One of the best games of the time.
  • Populous 1 yeah, I remember my friends older brother put together a serial cable and it was like the most technologically advanced thing ever to us, he made a cable! so we carried on foot my amiga to a friends house and a 'portable' tv to play 2 player over serial link.

    I loved that game, and populous 2 and powermonger
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    Backtogeek wrote: »
    Boots was the place to go for premium games releases back in the early 90's haha

    Everywhere used to sell games. In mid-nineties, MVC was the place to go. In the mid-late eighties, my primary dealer was the local paper shop which had an extensive selection of £1.99 Amstrad CPC 464 cassettes.

    Back on topic:


    Edit: Yes, I like fighting games.
  • Pit fighter, I am a classic street fighter 2 demon!
  • OK, a slighter harder one then:


    My abiding memory of this game is that the character on the left had a special move called ‘Big Tornado’, but the terrible speech sounded like he was shouting ‘Baked Potato’ in a noisy arcade.
  • Fighters History.. ooh controversial!!!
  • Nicely done.

    Last fighting game, and my all-time favourite.

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