UpTo32 Kaillera Server

The server is up and running.


If anyone is unsure what this is it is essentially a network play plugin for a lot of old emulators for playing 2/3/4 player games over the internet.

REF: http://www.kaillera.com/

It is horribly out of date, the server side only runs on 32bit OS's but it works.


  • So has anybody been playing? o.O
  • A few have connected yes, I have not had time yet
  • Me either too want irons in the fire right now.
  • I am planning on getting my snes joypad converter out tomorrow and having a go, that said, what I plan to do and what I do are usually very different.
  • Can you even play with a broken hand?
  • Right-hand pointer and thumb are fine, its been 2 weeks now, pretty mobile again :)
  • One other benefit of retro arcade games - you only need 2 thumbs to play everything except post SF2 fighters.

    I swear the fact you now need a minimum of 6 fingers working in tandem is the reason I’m shit at most modern games.
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