Your all-time favorite demo?

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So not game-demo, but 'check how cool we can code'-type demo.

My personal one: 2nd reality by future crew. Have seen that SO many times.

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    Probably Amnesia, by Renaissance.

    25+ years on it's a bit lackluster, but on a 386SX/16Mhz w/ 1MB RAM, and an SB Pro, it was amazing. The music still never fails to make me nostalgic, and at lease - for a few minutes, at least.

    My second, would probably be "Crystal Dreams II", by Triton:

    An often-forgotten one, Dust- Untitled. This had the neat pointless hack of flickering your keyboard LEDs while the music played like a very, very ghetto VU meter- I hadn't seen that before, or since (obviously since the world went to an NT Kernel):

    In a related venue, I quite liked the "2nd Reality" knockoffs for the C64 and Atari.

    Here's a sometimes-difficult-to-find interview with Purple Motion:

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  • Ah, Dust - Untitled, yes, I remember it well. I was so impressed by them blinking keyboard lights :) Also, thanks a lot for that Purple Motions interview! WIll definitely watch that!

    As to the editing: that cog only seems available for 1 hour, which explains why I coulnd't find it that :) THanks for the merge :)
  • I guess we must be the only two sceners. :disappointed:
  • :) I guess so!

    Speaking of other cool demos, I remember one on the Amiga (never had one, nor did any of my friends at the time) where there was a lady dancing in very high fps, but don't remember anything besides being impressed.
  • There were many of those, actually. LET me guess.. a techno track? Yeah, that was like 1992-1998 (2012 in Amiga terms).

    Are you aware of the MindCandy set?
  • I was not! Tempting!

    I did find with the simplest of searches ("amiga demo dancing", first hit) the demo I meant:

    Its called State of the Art
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  • You can download the first two DVD sets for free. They're all 60+fps capture, but the DVDs are resampled down. The third set is DVD+BluRay.

    Trixter put a hell of a lot of time into it.
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    Will definitely check that out! Tnx!

    BTW, I did wonder if that link was sfw/safe for public transport, but it was :-)
  • I mean, I was aware of it, I respected it, I just was not 'into' it.
  • Backtogeek wrote: »
    I mean, I was aware of it, I respected it, I just was not 'into' it.

    There was a bit of a divide. I think it was a Cascada demo around 1992 where they went after gamers for "wasting" the system, and I'll be honest, I never really got out of this mindset, myself. Of course, that's when we were spending +$1000USD for 386SX/1MB/40MB specs. Nowadays, a grand will buy you a hell of a decent box- _unless you're a gamer_.
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    Lol... of course Trixter posted Cronologia.

    It's a pretty boring demo, even for the day- but watch it from 33:40 on. That bit of orchestration is still brilliant.
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