Anyone actually ever use an MSX?

just watched this video, made me think 'spectrum without the horrible colour bleed', Also I kinda want to play this now:


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    MSX2 was the system I played a LOT as a kid, and the graphics were great (or at least, in my mind :); It might have helped that I played it on a proper RGB monitor, but man :) I never realised I played on an MSX2 until I bought an MSX on a carbootsale and it was a 1 and it wasn't as amazing as I remembered :)

    Later, I played a lot on the spectrum too, but the graphics were no match. Loved Jetpack though :)

    Ow, and I'm from the netherlands, I think that was one of the few countries the MSX did well. Probably because it was (partly?) made/designed by Philips, which is a Dutch company.
  • We didn't have those over here. My god those stepping-audio bleeps cause my head to hurt now, _but back in the day_..
  • Never so much as saw one, which was a shame as they had loads of awesome Konami games (and was the original home of Metal Gear) before the NES stole them all.
  • I kind of want one now,,, damn it.

  • This is the model I played on a a kid:

    Bits from 1Amitz
  • I just love that they advertise it as a word processor directly on the case.

    @Backtogeek You still interested in that CBM Plus/4? It's probably going to cost around $120 to ship without the chunky disk, printer, and rest of the goodies.
  • Thanks, i can get one in the UK for half the shipping cost from the USA :)
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    My parents sent me to the neighbors' boy to "learn about computers" before I received my own. He had a MSX computer by SONY and I loved it. It was a Korean family and MSX must have been HUGE in Korea at that time
  • The array of MSX's is to great, I am going to calm down and resist, i think I want a TRS 80 now instead haha.
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