Populous or Populous 2 (Any platform) anyone want a game?

Hi Folks,

Just wondering if anyone wants a game of populous or populous 2, not immediately, just putting some feelers out :)

Best days for me would be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, between 10am and 6pm.

I love the game, not played in years really, its the sort of game you can afford to take your eye off for a while if you have other things to keep an eye on.




  • I absolutely adored playing this on my Amiga. I think I spent maybe two weeks playing this when "Black & White" turned out to be a dud.
  • quite some time between black and white (which i kind of enjoyed) and populous, I only ever got to play 2 player populous once in my life, would be awesome to arrange a game.
  • Populous fit on one floppy as memory serves. Wasn't 2 on 3 floppies?
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