Your retro Holy Grails?

Pretty much everyone has a few retro games or consoles that you wanted as a kid but could never quite get; what were yours, and did you ever manage to get them later in life?

I personally had a couple: Starwing on the SNES, and a Neo Geo AES.

Starwing was pretty incredible at the time, actual 3D on the SNES thanks to the super-hyped new FX chip in the cart. I remember watching a level 1 play through on GamesMaster (who remembers GamesMaster!) and nearly shitting my pants watching the Arwing tearing down the launch tunnel onto the battlefield. The game was actually ludicrously expensive (£60+) and I never saw a 2nd hand copy, so my fantasies of saving the universe from the evil Andross were left unfulfilled (at least until Starfox 64).

I actually never played Starwing until late last year (for fear it wouldn't live up to my childhood memories if played on an emulator), when the SNES Mini came out. It was the first game I played on it, and yes, I shat my pants as my Arwing tore down the launch tunnel.

The Neo Geo AES was a whole other ball game. Firstly, virtually nowhere sold the consoles or the games and secondly, if you could find one, you were looking at £400 for the console and £200 per game ; given that my family couldn't afford the £60 for Starwing, this was never going to happen.

The closest I came was when I found an AES console with a copy of Fatal Fury 2 in Cash Convertors (a UK chain of glorified pawn-shops) for £280, but being as it was only June I couldn't convince my mum that this is what I wanted for Xmas later that year and I definitely wouldn't change my mind.

I did actually get an AES about 15 years ago, and it was every bit as fun as I hoped. What wasn't fun was the price of the games; whilst I got a handful for less than £100, to get anything other than the really old fighting or sports games, you were looking at £300+. In the end I flogged it all for a modest profit and went back to playing ports and emulated versions.


  • For me it was a NeoGeo it was the idea of being able to put the cards in to neogeo arcades :o and it always made me think I could have arcade games at home.

    I never did get one though :(
  • 1. Trying to beat Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Obviously, being the loser I am, I got to the first warp zone and never actually managed to pass level 4.

    2. Using my Gameboy. It was my first decent handheld gaming device, and I'll bet that I've spent at least a month 24/7 playing on that thing. Wasted packs and packs of alkaline batteries... until I got a battery pack, which saved my family hundreds of dollars.
  • I have always wanted to play Starwing, and have been considering the SNES Mini but using an emulator is also tempting.

    I also want to play The Great Escape (Spectrum) again. As a kid I wasnt very good at it, but I'd like to go back and complete it if I can.
  • Diablo for PS1, I have it for the PC but they also made it for PS1.
  • For some reason I still want Jetsons Way with Words.

    I don't even own a damn ECS.

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