Oldest game you still play regularly?

Simple one this - what is the oldest game that you still play on a regular basis?

For me, it's Galaga. I take a Gameboy Micro with me most places, and Namco Museum is always in the slot so I can play a little bit of Galaga when I've got a spare moment or two. Space Invaders and Galaxian are a bit too sedate for me these days, but Galaga is just right.


  • Yeah same, Galaga/galaxions and 1942
    edited March 2018
    Merlin. 1978.

    Oh, did you mean vidyagamez?

    Probably Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (1979):

    E: It just dawned on me just how shitty a two player version of Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack would be. "Look away so I can check my cards!"
  • Bits from 1WSS
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