Boss Mode / Boss Screen

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Here, most of us are old enough to be privvy to "Boss Mode". It was a simple keystroke macro which hid whatever you were doing, and made it look like you were working.

What are your most memorable "Boss Mode" snippits?

Mine has to be from the game I placed in the "What game is this" with a snapshot of the box, but not the game itself, "National Lampoons' Chess Maniac: 5 Billion and One", which was full of so much British bizarreness and Pythonesque cut scenes that it should have been released with the Amstrad- or at least on the Amiga.

Here is it's MS-DOS 5.0 era "EDIT" Boss Screen. I often use "Your ever-loving spawn" in emails to my parental units, but they'll never understand why.


P.S. If I ever patch a binary, it'll be this one to give it a proper Oxford Comma.


  • That one as a phrase must have bypassed me.
  • I used to hide games on the typing teachers Zeniths all the time. Mostly making files invisible and having them load when certain words were typed.

    Was fun when half the class lit up with Double Dragon and the students were like wtf! I was typing homework and this shit loaded.

    Always got the speech that when they found out who was doing it they would be in trouble. They still have no clue as far as I know.
  • "Boss Mode" was a simple trigger that just hid your gaming from others. It was mostly a joke, afaik, but the cursor location set to 1:1 in that screenshot above with the cursor placed at 23:72 still annoys me. You had ONE JOB, BOSS MODE. ONE JOB!
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